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Book Of The Month Club

Talk to Authors of Books You Read!

Have you ever read a book and wished you could talk to the author? Have you ever wished you could ask him or her questions and share thoughts and perspectives?

Now you can!

When you join our Book of the Month Club, you'll receive a book each month and have an opportunity to listen to the author's thoughts on the book - why they wrote the book, how the principles in the book have affected their lives, etc. Sometimes, you'll even be able to ask questions live!

For $15.95 a month, you will get a book at 20% off retail, a chance to hear the author on the phone, and a reading journal to record your thoughts on each book.

Click below to join the Book of the Month Club

Click here if you are interested in starting a Book of the Month in your organization. (The XYZ Book of the Month Club)

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