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A Tribute to Moms
A Tribute to Moms
Celebrate the Precious Relationship Between Mother and Daughter
By Ruth Senter & Jori Senter Stuart

214 pages

Mothers and daughters -- many words describe the relationship between the two. Words such as mentor, encourager, spiritual leader, cheerleader, and... best friend.

What makes the bond between mothers and daughters so special?

In this book, more than 40 respected female leaders answer this question by sharing tender stories of how their moms helped them become the women they are today.

You'll find yourself reminiscing as you read stories like:

  • A Mother's Day Thanks
  • No Tears for Herself
  • A Heart Too Big for Her Kitchen
  • The Investment of a Lifetime
  • A Quart of Blueberries and a Tank Full of Love
  • Little Things, Important Things

A Tribute to Moms is for all those who truly care about successful mother-daughter relationships. It is a poignant tribute that offers valuable insights and heart-warming encouragement.

Includes stories by Florence Littauer, Ruth Graham, Vonette Bright, Jill Briscoe, Gloria Gaither, Elisabeth Elliot, Anne Ortlund, and many others.

Great for Mother's Day! *

* Or anytime you want to pay a tribute to
that special person in your life -- your Mom


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