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Four Pillars of a Man's Heart
Four Pillars of a Man's Heart
Bringing Strength into Balance
By Stu Weber
272 pages


A Follow-up to the Best-selling Tender Warrior

In his best-selling book for men, Tender Warrior, Stu Weber introduced the pillars of manhood.

He explained that, just as a building, home, or temple has 4 pillars to hold it up, so does a man. Three pillars may hold up a roof for a while, but the structure will be out of balance and always in danger of collapse. So, too, a man with only two or three pillars will be weak and imbalanced. It takes these four pillars to make a man:

  • King Pillar
  • -- A man of vision and character
  • Warrior Pillar
  • -- A man of strength and power
  • Mentor Pillar
  • -- A man of faith and wisdom
  • Friend Pillar
  • -- A man of heart and love

    A man with all four pillars is balanced. He's strong. He'll endure the storms. He'll uphold the dreams of those who are counting on him. And he'll be the kind of man God can use.

    Weber points out that God is the one who designed the pillars, and He designed them to be in balance. When all of these elements are functioning as the Creator intended, you'll be four times the man!

    Four Pillars is a personal plan for what makes a man a real man.

    Great for Father's Day!*

    * And a treasure for men all year round



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