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Home Field Advantage
Home Field Advantage
A Dad's Guide to the Power of Role Modeling
By Ken Ruettgers & Dave Branon

224 pages

Who Will Be Your Child's Greatest Hero? Shaquille O'Neal? Madonna? Bart Simpson? ...or You?

You've seen the signs. A bedroom full of posters. Famous names spoken in a worshipful tone of voice. A collection of superstar memorabilia. Like it or not, your child is powerfully influenced by high-profile media heroes. You hope those men and women will say and do the right things. But you know you cannot direct the actions of others. The issue of role modeling is out of control... Or is it?

Author Ken Ruettgers draws from years of experience as father, offensive tackle for the Green Bay Packers, and public figure to point you to the individual who has more influence over your child than all the superstar media personalities combined....YOU!

Ruettgers emphasizes that you can be the one role model your child can rely on and that you shouldn't wait for someone else to pick up the ball and run with it.

In this wonderful book on role modeling, Ken shows you how you can win on your own turf and seize your Home Field Advantage.

Includes stories from Reggie White, Jay Novacek, Bill Bates, Sterling Sharpe, Russell Maryland, and many more.


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