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What Are Your Goals?
What Are Your Goals?
Powerful Questions to Discover What You Want Out of Life
By Gary Ryan Blair

99 pages

Many people spend more time planning a vacation trip than they spend planning their lives' journeys. Most people wander through their lives reacting to what happens to them, rather than proactively creating a path to follow. The first step in paving your own way is to set goals and then set about realizing them.

Gary Blair's book, What Are Your Goals?, helps readers outline their goals. Unlike other goal-setting programs, which simply reinforce that goals are important and encourage readers to set a few goals, this book actively involves the reader. Probing questions and priority matrices help readers lay out their own goals and priorities and then chart a plan to fulfill them.

The questions are divided into categories such as personal, family, financial, spiritual, health, and career. The questions in each category force the reader to really examine their goals in each area. Readers may skip around from area to area, too, choosing the areas that have the highest priority for them.

Most people know how important goal-setting is, but they just don't "get around to" writing them down. What Are Your Goals helps readers take that first step because it does part of the work for them. This book makes goal-setting easy!


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