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Kids and Money
Kids and Money
By Michael Searles

147 pages

"But Mom, all my friends get to buy one!" As a parent, you've probably heard this before. How do you answer? What do you say when your children tell you they need more money and don't understand why the automated teller machine can't just give you more?

Kids and Money will help you teach your kids about money. It is a comprehensive parents' guide to help you teach kids of all ages about the principles of successful money management and the basics of starting and running a business. You will learn how to teach your kids about the value of a dollar through a proven, three-part money management system, which inspires kids to learn about spending/giving, saving, and investing. The book also includes fun ideas for young entrepreneurs.

As author Michael Searls, a former Wall Street advisor, points out, teaching your kids about money can be difficult, but it can provide them with skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Whatever their ages, now is the time to teach your kids the skills that will lead to future financial independence. Kids and Money can help you get your kids on the fast track to financial freedom!


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