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The Wise Investor
The Wise Investor
Ten Concepts You Need to Know to Achieve Financial Success
By Neil E. Elmoughi, ChFC

144 pages

A very entertaining and light book packed with wisdom, The Wise Investor takes a unique approach to a serious topic. It conveys essential information about basic investment concepts and achieving financial success in a story form.

The story follows two friends, Pete and Sarah, as they begin to learn the principles of financial independence. Both want financial security but don't really understand what they need to know and do to reach that goal. Joe, a successful entrepreneur and acquaintance of Sarah's, agrees to each them how he became financially free.

He explains that it's far more important to understand the financial underpinnings of wealth management than it is just to know a few facts and figures. Most people are haphazard investors who have no focus or investment strategy, he says, and their probability of success is extremely limited. The wise investor, on the other hand, has a clear picture of the concepts and knows the secret ingredients necessary to develop a successful investment program and achieve financial independence.

Alongside Pete and Sarah, the reader will learn:

  • How just $2 a day can grow to more than $1 million
  • How to create a retain wealth for you and your family
  • How to identify your most valuable assets and most important dreams
  • The differences between investing and gambling

A clever and informative book, readers will find that this is the first financial book that is actually fun to read!


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