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Network Marketing
Who Stole the American Dream
Who Stole the American Dream
By Burke Hedges

116 pages

Have you ever been made fun of... ridiculed... and abused... until finally there came a time when you said, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!" ?

Well, I came to that point in my life. I'm mad as hell - and I'm not going to take it anymore!

So I wrote this book to tell you the truth... to tell you what your real chances are today to make it in conventional businesses that are closing their doors every day - and laying off people by the thousands!

I finally decided that someone needs to tell the truth about how the average person could succeed in an industry that is revolutionizing the way the world does business... how you could be your own boss and earn anywhere from part-time income to an absolute fortune in an unconventional business called Network Marketing.

Is Network Marketing a scam?... A scheme?... Or the American Dream? You deserve to know the truth. The whole truth. And nothing but the truth!

Read this book... and you be the judge!


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