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Network Marketing
Reclaiming the American Dream
Reclaiming the American Dream
The Keys to Financial Freedom
By Bill Quain

125 pages

College educator, businessman, speaker, and author Dr. Bill Quain has always believed that free enterprise is the cornerstone of the American Dream. Dr. Quain wanted no part of a system that meant virtual slavery to bosses, restrictive policies, and salary caps. And he didn't want that for his students. Yet, for years, he couldn't find a solution that he could recommend to others. Traditional business ownership required too much start-up capital for most people, certainly for college students.

Then Dr. Quain discovered Network Marketing - which Quain calls a "proven system for personal success."

In Reclaiming the American Dream, Dr. Quain shows ordinary men and women the dangers of relying on a JOB for economic security, then explains a system that can help them escape the perils of job slavery.

In this excellent book on Network Marketing, Dr. Quain shares his independent business analysis of the "single best marketing concept for the common man!"


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