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Frozen Footprints
Frozen Footprints
By Alicia Gilewicz

172 pages

"Boom! Boom! Boom! I awoke to the sound of rifle butts pounding on our front door. Cold, hard voices pierced the door like bullets. "Hands up! Pack your things! You're under arrest!"

Thus begins the story of seven-year-old Alicia Gilewicz. It's a story of a family's eight-year struggle for survival, first as prisoners in a Siberian prison camp, and later as refugees in Uzbekistan, Iran, and Africa.

The first part of Frozen Footprints re-tells the horrors one family faces in their quest for freedom in Russia during World War II, as millions of innocent civilians were dying from starvation and disease. It's a gripping story of good triumphing over evil and a testimony to the power of determination and persistence.

In the second half of the book, Alicia teaches readers the 10 "lessons in freedom" she has learned during her remarkable life. These lessons helped Alicia and her family survive the horrors of communist Russia and later to achieve personal and financial freedom. Her lessons will empower you to realize your full potential, to dream big dreams, and to make them come true!


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