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Network Marketing
By Burke Hedges

114 pages

You take a revolutionary business model with a 50-year history - network marketing - and you marry it with a revolutionary business model of the New Millennium - e-commerce - and what do you get? You get a dream business at the speed of light - a! You get e-networking!!

Most people today have only a vague notion of how the Internet and e-commerce will impact their lives. takes readers by the hand and explains WHAT the Internet explosion is all about... WHY it's very real and very big... and HOW they can position themselves to profit in the trillion-dollar e-boom! is laced with charts, graphs, and anecdotes that help readers see "The Big Picture" and understand why e-networking can empower them to design their future and live their dreams in the e-economy.

Here's What Your Prospects Will Learn from

  • Why e-commerce is exploding and what it means to them
  • Why e-commerce needs network marketing
  • Why e-networking is the "Dreambiz" that millions of people all over the world have been waiting for
  • Why the time to build your e-network is TODAY


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