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Personal Growth
Ten Rules to Break & Ten Rules to Make
Ten Rules to Break
& Ten Rules to Make

By Bill Quain

172 pages

On July 7, 1993, a gorgeous yacht passed by my dockside table, changing my life forever. At that moment, I realized that the owner of the yacht was playing by different rules! Until that fateful afternoon, I had always followed what I thought were the 'rules' for success - rules like "Don't Rock the Boat"... "Hard Work is Its Own Reward"... and "Don't Mix Business With Pleasure."

Not anymore. The truth of the matter is that many of the OLD RULES we've been taught don't apply today. That's why we have to break them.

On the other hand, there are some NEW RULES that people must follow if they are serious about living their dreams --- rules like "It's Better To Own Half A Watermelon Than A Whole Grape"... "Go Out And Claim What Is Already Yours"... "and "Make Some Bad Decisions." These are rules we have to make.

This book will empower you to design your own destiny by teaching you which 10 rules you must break... and which 10 rules you must make... if you want to think - and live - like a yacht owner in a paddle boat world.

If you follow the advice in this book, I CANNOT guarantee you'll end up owning a yacht. But if you choose to ignore the information in this book, I CAN guarantee that you'll end up with a lot less than you deserve!"

Go for it! ---Bill Quain, Ph.D.


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