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Personal Growth
If You Can't Climb the Wall, Build a Door!
If You Can't Climb the
Wall, Build a Door!

By Dr. Charles Lever

155 pages

Too many people think that happy, successful people got that way because they have fewer problems than the rest of us. Nothing could be further from the truth! The number one principle that every successful person lives by is persistence beats resistance!

Those who experience higher levels of fulfillment in life do NOT necessarily experience lower levels of adversity. In truth, most successful people encounter MORE WALLS in their lives than the average person-but successful people just find a way to climb their walls of adversity or build doors through them.

This book contains scores of stories about people from all walks of life who looked at the walls in their lives as temporary hurdles, not permanent dead ends. And because they were persistent and resourceful, they've experienced an abundance of love, fulfillment, gratitude, and confidence that awaits all of us on the other side of the wall.


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