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Personal Growth
The Mecca Factor
The Mecca Factor
Five Imperatives for a Successful Life
By Tom Ruddell

275 pages

To be in "Mecca" is to experience joy of living and ongoing fulfillment of important life goals. It is the most desirable destination in life's journey. Unfortunately, most of us currently live in other states such as "Malasia", the state of mediocrity, or "Purgatoria", the state of anxiety.

The Mecca Factor puts your life's journey into the context of our fast-changing world, gives you an easy-to-understand planning process, and helps you build personal power through five imperatives for a successful life:

M -- Motivation
E -- Education
C -- Concentration
C -- Communication
A -- Achievement

An innovative approach to first evaluating, then uplifting our lives, The Mecca Factor is a thought-provoking system for self-improvement. It is more than a self-help book. It is a complete success manual.


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