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Personal Growth
Throw Away the Crutches
Throw Away the Crutches
Building Blocks to Unlocking
Your Personal Potential

By James G. Floor
with Craig Ferguson

190 pages

Phenomenal success and lasting fulfillment are within your reach. That is, they are if you get rid of the things in your life that are holding you back.

In this well-written and engaging book, author Jim Floor identifies the four most common character faults -- ignorance, doubt, laziness, and status -- that limit people and keep them from realizing their full potential. Because many people cling to their limitations, using them as convenient excuses for not taking full responsibility for their lives, the limitations become "crutches" that keep them limping through life, instead of galloping.

Throw Away the Crutches helps you identify, conquer, and discard the crutches which are keeping you from being the most successful and fulfilled person you can be. You'll discover dozens of ways to transform your weaknesses into your greatest strengths and perhaps some life-changing secrets that could change your life for the better -- forever.


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