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Personal Growth
Handbook to a Happier Life
Handbook to a Happier Life
A Simple Guide to Designing the Life You've Always Wanted
By Jim Donovan

85 pages

A short book packed with powerful ideas, Handbook to a Happier Life is based on the underlying theme that "this is your life, not a dress rehearsal."

Written by someone who came to that realization ten years ago when he was down and out and living in a rented room in the Bronx, this book is full of the concepts that the author used to pull himself out of a low point in his life.

Today a successful speaker, author, and motivational trainer, Jim Donovan "walked the walk" before he wrote this book and is living proof that the concepts work if you just apply them.

Simple, fun, and easy to read, Handbook is not a theoretical book. It's more like a coach that gives you ideas that have worked for Donovan and turned his life around. The concepts are all presented in bite-size chunks that are easily digestible.

Written in a Think, Read, and Write format, you will find, scattered throughout the book, fun and thought-provoking exercises such as a "what's in my way" exercise, a focusing exercise that includes a dream day, a gratitude inventory, and a commitment checklist.

Read it and find your way to a happier life!


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