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Personal Growth
Diamond in the Rough
Diamond in the Rough
The Secret to Finding Your Own Value and Making Your Own Success
By Barry J. Farber

231 pages

Many Americans dream of overnight success, but the reality is that anything of value takes time to achieve. After all, it takes millions of years to make a diamond!

The truth is that all of us have the potential for extraordinary success. We are all diamonds in the rough! We can't expect to find success overnight, but with a little understanding, and a little "polishing of the diamond," we can all reach our full potential.

Diamond in the Rough, which includes interviews with Bruce Jenner, Mary Matalin, and other highly accomplished people in various fields, shows you not only how to find it - but how to fulfill it.

In this book, you will discover:

  • The chemistry of confidence
  • The value of failure
  • How to exercise your natural brain power and pump up your creativity
  • Why passion means nothing without courage
  • The seven steps to setting goals

A positive and practical book, a practical action plan follows each chapter to help readers start taking the steps to discover the diamond within.


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