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Personal Growth
Beyond Success
Beyond Success
The 15 Secret of a Winning Life!
By Brian Biro

346 pages

Nowadays it is not enough to have more, do more, or get there first. If success has been gained at the expense of character, it is a hollow victory that soon fades. In Beyond Success, author and renowned team builder Brian Biro show you not only how to achieve your goals, but also how to live with greater purpose and fulfillment by developing your own unique leadership skills.

Beyond Success is built upon the timeless principles exemplified by Coach John Wooden, the winningest coach in college basketball history. The book is a fascinating, in-depth study of Wooden's leadership techniques and the part of his greatness that has meaning and relevance for every individual's life, not just for those on the basketball court.

Biro uses real life stories, compelling exercises, and humorous anecdotes to make Wooden's principles come alive. The book also includes team-building activities that can lead to unimaginable growth, heartwarming tributes to real-life champions that never gave up, and a detailed blueprint of the foundational blocks that you can use to build a truly winning character.


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