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Personal Growth
Soar If You Dare
Soar If You Dare
Use Your Secret Powers For Success to Make Your Dreams Come True!
By James R. Ball

252 pages

Dream BIG. Think BIG. Act BIG.

That's the core of author James Ball's message in Soar... If You Dare. Ball asserts that too many people have lost the kid in themselves. They've stopped imagining and no longer see themselves attaining their wildest dreams. Millions of people are just drifting along when so much more is possible. In the world we live in, Ball points out, we could all be stretching for the stars and reaching them, but most people are so busy just "spending" their lives that they have forgotten about dreaming.

In this book, Ball brings together keys that will help the reader re-learn how to dream - and then how to make those dreams reality. This book is about finding your strengths and building on them and about finding powers and abilities you never dreamed you had.

Soar... If You Dare can help you:

  • Learn how to dream again
  • Prevent people and circumstances from holding you back
  • Combine the power of your beliefs, imagination, and faith with your abilities to concentrate, set goals, and take action
  • Take charge of your life
  • Develop and unshakable self-confidence
  • Visualize and then achieve success
  • Make success a habit for life

An entertaining book with a deep message, Soar... If You Dare shows readers what they can become and then tells them how.


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