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Personal Growth
Mega Living
Mega Living
Powerful Wisdom for Self-Leadership
By Robin S. Sharma

162 pages

In this classic guide to personal mastery, now published in more than 15 countries worldwide, author and top personal development speaker Robin Sharma presents his pioneering system for life improvement.

Sharma's system for personal growth blends cutting-edge techniques for peak achievement with timeless wisdom for living with greater passion, purpose, and inner peace. His system goes further than the typical personal growth plan in that it teaches not only mastery of the mind but also of the body and character. It contains a section, for example, on attaining public excellence.

Based on the premise that everyone has the power to achieve their dreams, this book teaches hundreds of immediately effective ways for people to realize their highest potential, including:

  • 8 powerful principles for optimal performance
  • 10 proven ways to cultivate courage, confidence, and creativity
  • 7 practices to conquer the worry habit
  • Simple strategies for self-leadership
  • Ways to re-kindle your spiritual fire and simplify your life
  • Lessons to bring balance to everyday life

Sharma's book shows readers how to put more life into their living!


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