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Personal Growth
The Joyful Spirit
The Joyful Spirit
How to Become the Happiest Person You Know!
By Brian Biro

165 pages

Few of us in today's world of immediate and chaotic change really ever discover the courage to reveal our fears and unlock the profound opportunities available to us for personal fulfillment, loving families, and financial abundance. Few of us really believe that we can make a difference.

In this inspirational, easy-to-read book, author Brian Biro says the decision to embrace every day as a treasure - to create rather than wait for happiness - is ultimately a choice of love over fear. He urges readers to take the path of the Joyful Spirit... to avoid the tendency of the modern world to speed us up and move us apart... to recognize that real meaning in our lives still comes from our connections with other people.

The simple, yet compelling message of The Joyful Spirit offers clear insights and practical tools for handling common stresses, as well as recognizing and capitalizing on uncommon opportunities for personal and financial growth in the 90s and into the next millennium. Much of his message is conveyed through touching stories from his own life and the lives of men and women who have truly made an art of enjoying every precious moment.


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