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Personal Growth
Smashing the Wall of Fear
Smashing the Wall of Fear
By Sean Hockensmith

236 pages

Fear takes many forms. There is the spine-tingling kind that comes from watching a scary movie or reading a suspenseful book. There is the kind we experience when we walk on a small ledge high above the ground or slide on ice while driving the car. And then there's the everyday kind - the kind that keeps us in our comfort zone... the kind that keeps us from accomplishing all that we could and from being all that we could be.

It is this latter type of fear that Smashing the Wall of Fear addresses. The fear that keeps people in their comfort zone, the author says, has led millions of people to lead lackluster, complacent existences instead of dynamic, fulfilling lives.

This book contains specific strategies and ideas that everyone needs to know to move beyond their current fears, whatever they may be. It will teach readers how to:

  • Overcome the obstacles in their lives
  • Thrive during moments of fear
  • Break free from your comfort zone
  • Explore your dynamic zone


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