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Personal Growth
The Success Model
The Success Model
By Sam Silverstein

213 pages

Finally - a book that presents success principles in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-remember format! Author Sam Silverstein has developed a Success Model that helps to "shrink the gap" between dreams and reality.

The Success Model claims that success is a five-step plan - Desire, Change, Plan, Implementation, and Success! In other words, each person who desires to be successful must figure out what it is that they really want; commit to change; research and write a great plan; and then with enthusiasm, commitment, and energy, implement the plan.

In order to help readers fully implement the Success Model, there is also a "key word" section. The Key Word section is built around the idea that words are extremely powerful, and understanding the key words to success is critical. Just as you must choose the right words when speaking with others, you must choose the right words when speaking to yourself!

Presented in alphabetical order, the key words are easy to locate for future reference


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