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Personal Growth
Follow Your Heart
Follow Your Heart
Finding Purpose in Your Life and Work
By Andrew Matthews

141 pages

"Whoever you are, you aren't stuck! You're a human being, not a tree!" This amusing statement is typical of the kind of real wisdom in Follow Your Heart, packaged in an entertaining and lighthearted way.

Matthews covers 10 major concepts in his book, including the following:

  • We are here to learn lessons, and the world is our teacher.
  • The universe has no favorites.
  • Your life is a perfect reflection of your beliefs.
  • What you focus on in life expands.
  • No one is ever going to give you permission to be successful. You have to!
  • Our mission in life is not to change the world. Our mission is to change ourselves.

Though the book covers a lot of topics, change is a recurring theme. As the author says, "We live in a world where things are always changing. Seasons come and go, the tide goes in and out, inflation goes up and down, and people get hired and fired. Be adaptable!"

Enjoy your way through this delightful book, and find out in the end that you learned a lot, too!


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