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Personal Growth
Timeless Wisdom
Timeless Wisdom
A Treasury of Universal Truths
By Gary W. Fenchuk

195 pages

Quotation books have become a dime a dozen as of late. Mostly, these books focus more on quantity than quality. Timeless Wisdom is not just another mediocre collection. These quotes went through vigorous "testing." First, a selective group of 25 people spent countless hours assessing, discussing, and ranking prospective quotations.

Consequently, Timeless Wisdom is not just a book of "feel good" quotes. Rather, the book is full of simple, sometimes jarring, truths on how to live life optimally.

The book is a treasury of universal truths, covering subjects such as:

  • Dealing with adversity
  • Taking Risks
  • Realizing One's potential
  • Living life to its fullest
  • Choosing beliefs

The editor, a lifelong student of philosophy and quotations, says the wisdom within this book magically and permanently changed his life. He believes that if the readers will fill their minds with the truths presented and incorporate then into their daily lives, they will undoubtedly live rich, meaningful, and happy lives.


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