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Don't Tie Yourself Up in Nots
Don't Tie Yourself Up in Nots
By Dave Schloss

114 pages

For all the schooling that we went through, no one ever taught us the power of one of the most important ingredients we could ever learn in our lives, the power of positive thinking. You can get good grades, be very smart, do all the right things and be in all the right places, but with the wrong frame of mind, still not succeed in life.

People succeed in life more often because of attitude than aptitude. The world is full of people with talent and skill that have not succeeded. It's also full of people with much less ability who have succeeded in much bigger ways. The difference? More often than not, a positive winning attitude!

Fast-paced and easy to read, this book gets directly to the point so that readers can read and apply the principles to their lives immediately.

The army of negativism recruits people daily. Don't enlist! You can untie the "Nots" that bind your life! Maybe this book can show you how...


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