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Personal Growth
Leverage Your Time, Balance Your Life
Leverage Your Time, Balance Your Life
By John Ingram Walker, M.D

123 pages

"Most of us... find ourselves trapped on the freeway of rush," says author John Ingram Walker. "Before we know it, perhaps even without wanting to, we find ourselves leaping into the commotion without really considering whether we have an option."

Yet, he goes onto say, all of us sense that we were not made for the rush hour, freeway kind of life we frenetically live. Most of us are seeking calm, not chaos.

On the other hand, we were not made to be inactive and isolated. Activity is necessary. We all need to produce, and we were all created for motion and mastery.

The question is: Is there a halfway point between burnout and rust out?

Yes, says Walker. Balance is a choice. And the key to balance is managing your time wisely.

Most of us blame our unbalanced life on lack of time. Yet most of the time, it's poor time management, not lack of time, that's really the issue. Poor planning steals hours of our days.

In this book, Walker tries to help us use our time more wisely. He goes one step further, though, than most books on time management and shows readers how to construct and enjoy a balanced life... a successful and meaningful life... and to find time for every worthwhile activity.

Brief, unique, easy to read, this book will help you leverage your time... and balance your life.


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