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Personal Growth
Make a Life, Not Just a Living
Make a Life, Not Just a Living
10 Timeless Life Skills that will Maximize Your Real Net Worth
By Dr. Ron Jenson

216 pages

A well-known author, speaker, and consultant, Dr. Ron Jenson has devoted many years to studying leaders - leaders who have not only made a great living but also had a successful life and lifestyle. Through that research, as well as the reading of thousands of books, he came to the conclusion that there are ten universal organizing principles to making a life. In this book, Dr. Jenson shares those principles with the reader:

  • Make Things Happen
  • Integrate All of Life
  • Achieve Personal Significance
  • Zero in on Caring
  • X Out the Negatives
  • Energize Internally
  • Internalize the Right Principles
  • Realign Rigorously
  • March to a Mission
  • Stay the Course

    Most popular definitions of success fall into one of five categories: power, position, prestige, pleasure, or prosperity. But the pages of history are filled with people who achieved some, or all, of these things, yet their lives still lacked real and lasting fulfillment.

    Make a Life... is not just another book challenging you to put family relationships above career climbing. It's way more than that. In this book, Dr. Jenson will help you articulate and pursue a definition of success that takes into account the whole person - a definition of success that will allow you to lead a balanced, fulfilled, and significant life rooted in real and lasting values.


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