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Personal Growth
Venture Adventure
Venture Adventure
By Daryl Berstien

132 pages

"I don't have the time to read," all too many people say.

What they really mean is they're choosing to spend their time doing something else - like watching TV - because they don't fully appreciate the value of reading.

Read & Grow Rich explains the value of reading in such a way that people will start looking for excuses TO read, instead of excuses NOT to read. Read & Grow Rich enlightens people abut the hidden power of reading and recounts scores of testimonies from famous people (and "Average Joe's") who have transformed their lives through reading.

Here's what you will learn from Read & Grow Rich:

  • How people can easily read 12 books a year (that's 120 books in a 10-year period!)... by reading only 15 minutes a day!
  • Why readers become the "Haves" and non-readers become the "Have-nots"
  • Why the right book at the right time can change your life (with scores of stories about famous people who read and grew rich)
  • Why reading is still the most powerful technology ever invented... and how it can make you richer in all areas of your life
  • How to read a book so that you learn more and retain the information longer

Read & Grow Rich features 100-plus quotes from world-famous philosophers, poets, writers, inventors, and politicians about the hidden power of reading!


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