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Personal Growth
Choose the Happiness Habit
Choose the Happiness Habit
By Pam Golden

114 pages

Happy people see past their problems to the possibilities in their lives. They are more creative and spontaneous. They're healthier. They have the energy to create the life they want. They accomplish more of what's important to them. And they experience the joy of really living.

The good news is that, according to author Pam Golden, happiness can be attained, to a certain degree, by acquiring certain habits. In other words, happy people tend to have a lot of the same characteristics they practice the same habits. For instance, happy people:

  • Like themselves
  • Are optimistic
  • Are outgoing
  • Find a reason to laugh
  • Are friendly
  • Spread their joy
  • Are enthusiastic
  • Know what their life is all about

Since practice is the key to developing any new skill, readers are asked to practice each of the "happiness habit" for 90 days. The book even provides a journal to help readers record when and how they applied a "happiness habit" that day.

Interspersed with personal stories and healthy doses of inspiration, Choose the Happiness Habit is entertaining. More importantly, though readers who use the book as suggested may find that the "happiness habit" begins to take root and makes a lasting difference in their lives.


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