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Getting the Right Things Right
Getting the Right Things Right
Personal Strategies for Reinventing the Life You Want
By Charlie Hedges

235 pages

In today's hurried world, it seems that we are all too busy with daily tasks and demands to have time to do the things that are most important in life. As a result, most of us are not getting the right things right. That's the hard-hitting message of Charlie Hedges' book, Getting the Right Things Right.

Hedges suggests that prevailing thought makes us feel that if we are always doing something, our lives must be on track. As a result, most of us are so consumed with "busyness" that we are not living "on purpose." We're doing a lot of things right, but we're not doing the right things - the things that will contribute to the life we really want to have.

This wonderful book shows us the path to getting our lives back... to finding the significance we all crave in our lives... and to recognizing -- and living - the life we were created to have.

A former pastor and current corporate consultant, the author leads us through the steps we need to take to achieve this very pragmatic, yet profoundly spiritual, task.


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