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What it Takes
What it Takes
More Than a Champion
By Jeff Hostetler

150 pages

It took all he had... and something more.

When Jeff Hostetler joined the New York Giants as a quarterback, the modest farm boy from Pennsylvania wasn't looking for fame, just an opportunity to use God-given talent to take his team to success on the field. But after six years of little action, his dreams looked like they had been sidelined forever.

But Jeff was used to working hard -- and waiting. Growing up on the farm with his six brothers and sisters, he had learned the value of working hard and seeing things through to the end... of sticking to the game plan, no matter how hard it seemed.

His persistence worked, as he eventually led both the Oakland Raiders and the New York Giants to many successes.

In this book, Jeff shares his philosophies for attaining success. He preaches that it takes work to succeed in life.. that you can't become a victor by sitting on the sidelines. You have to get into the game, roll up your sleeves, and get to work.

That 's the choice of champions, Hostetler says. Champions do --- What it Takes!


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