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Sales Skills
Closing Strong
Closing Strong
The Super Sales Handbook
By Myers Barnes

170 pages

Essential reading for every sales professional, Closing Strong is a powerful, comprehensive collection of proven, practical strategies used by many renowned sales stars.

The book is based on the extensive research the author, Myers Barnes, began years ago so that he could reverse his poor sales performance and keep his job selling vacation properties. With the skills he learned, he not only kept his job but also went on to achieve great success in sales.

Although there are several steps in the sales process, Barnes chose to focus primarily on closing because, as he says, without a close, you have no sale. You can have the best sales presentation in the world, but with no close, no deal!

Barnes teaches readers how to qualify "buyers" first, turn objections into your advantage (and have fun doing it!), use the telephone effectively, build urgency, and Close Strong!

Not just your typical dry book on sales techniques, Closing Strong is very entertaining to read. It includes real-life situations and actual dialogue that you can use to gain an immediate advantage and win more sales.


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