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Sales Skills
Endless Prospects
Endless Prospects
301 Tactics to Reach Hard-to-Reach People
By Richard Weylman

252 pages

Not just another book on selling, Weylman's book, Endless Prospects, shows readers not just how to sell but how to build trusting relationships with prospects and customers that lead to sales.

Relationship-building is much more important than in the past, the author points out. In the 1980s, whoever got to the prospect last with the best price got the sale. Now, however, it's the person who gets to the prospect first and builds a solid relationship founded on respect that earns access to the prospect and ultimately gets the sale. Today's prospects buy from the people they know or know about, people they trust, and people to whom they relate and feel relate to them.

In other words, prospects and customers today are responding to updated marketing and prospecting approaches based on ethics, honesty, and mutual relationships. Therefore, the greatest sales come from the greatest prospectors, not the greatest salespersons.

Weylman encourages readers to get rid of their out-of-date concepts and slick techniques and shows them how to unleash the power of relationship-building in their marketing and prospecting efforts. The strategies and tactics in this book will help readers create their own relationship marketing and prospecting plan.


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